1000 Reasons Why New Zealanders Are So Unhappy

05 September 2012 14:47:36

“Forget about all the posturing for combating suicide from the various agencies. They can come up with as many plans as they like, the problem will not go away and our suicide rate will remain at shamefully high levels,” said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare today.

“There is far too much unnecessary flack in the way and until the flack is gone nothing of any substance will change. Real life is already stacked with burdens, hurdles, lessons and hardships without the loadings of an overbearing State.”

Mr Osborne says, “The individual abilities and interests of our children are ignored by a compulsory, one size fits all education system. Even while our children are told how special they are, the reality is that they are dealt with as grey and as equal as the next pupil. The coping mechanisms for the real world are not in place mainly because thousands of children still don’t understand what they are here to do. So strong is the grip that socialists have on our education sector, the current thinking is that self esteem in children can be lifted by protecting them from reality. Ignoring that self esteem comes from experiencing, failing and achieving.”

“Work place regulations, employment laws and minimum wage rates ensure that employment opportunities are minimised. Add to this safety laws, melting icecaps, drive bloody drink idiot legends and all the other messages designed to make us stay in bed. Cap it off with a welfare state that pays us to stay in bed. Idleness is a sure course to depression and the taxpayer is forced to subsidise idleness. While this is going on our beloved government is devaluing our wealth and spending power. Any dreams of a first home are being forgotten as unobtainable for many.”

Osborne concludes, “As long as NZers continue to vote for the left or the religious right they will vote for overbearing government. It can be no other way. When freedom is curtailed by such poor choices, an ability to find happiness and meaning in life is diminished with it. There are plenty of unhappy people out there and this needless waste will continue while our decisions are made for us by big government.”

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