$200M in Fraud Mirrors Government

17 November 2011 07:32:11

“25,000 cases of welfare fraud costing taxpayers $200 million in the last year alone. It is appalling that a nation of only 4 million people can produce such vast numbers,” lamented Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman and Waitakere candidate today.

“These people have stolen from a charity. This is not only fraud; it is also cheating on the rest of New Zealand.”

“Unfortunately however, the reality is that our government invented this charity out of thin air and turned it into a massive institution. We are left with a system that can only bring out the worst in people and this situation is a perfect demonstration.”

“We are now stuck with an over-bearing government and less control over our own lives. This means that instead of living in the real world we must endure an engineered world where the removal of opportunity is disguised as safety and fairness and where control is disguised as civility. They are neither.”

Osborne concludes, “Is any of this social engineering working? Depression and suicide rates are through the ceiling. Crime is inexcusably high. Domestic violence also. Nothing is improving, yet we fail to recognise the writing on the wall. How is this going to end?”

Libertarianz recognise that only freedom will put a halt to this madness. Humans are not designed to be herded or controlled. When we are, the results will always be adverse. We recommend that people go to our website to find the only viable way out of this mess.

For more information, see www.libertarianz.org.nz or contact:

Peter Osborne
Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare
Phone: 021 326091
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