A Lot of Jolly Hockey Sticks

14 December 2004 00:00:00


A grant of $500,000 given by Auckland City Council to St. Cuthbert’s College in Epsom was condemned today by Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry.

Berry says the grant, for partial funding of a new hockey field for the private girls school, “comes from the rates paid by decent, productive people – many of whom struggle to pay their annual rates demands. To spend other people’s money on a private facility which cannot be used by those same people is sickening, although not entirely surprising.”

“It seems a little too convenient for this to be occurring following the election of a mayor and deputy mayor with a Christian view of other people’s money,” notes Berry, “and also a Christian enthusiasm for spending it. I am, of course, referring to mother Hubbard, and that other mother Hucker.”

When Berry stood for the Auckland mayoralty he pledged a massive reduction in council spending and services. “Unfortunately, the majority of people
chose candidates who offered instead ‘an advance auction of stolen goods’. Those goodies are now being distibuted – paid for by the electors, who have only themselves to blame. They have three years to wait for a principled replacement.”

Libertarianz maintain that state schools should be privatised by being given back to parents, and all schools funded by those who choose to use them.


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