A Welfare Policy to End the Madness

04 November 2008 23:50:00

“While we live in a culture that encourages mooching and reveres a parasitic existence, one party stands alone to defend the dignity of the human individual,” proclaimed Peter Osborne today as he released the Libertarianz social welfare policy.

“Thanks to an interfering Nanny State we have lost the art of watching out for our friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. The sad thing is that this conditioning has become so entrenched that we no longer have faith in those around us nor ourselves to display meaningful empathy. How badly have we been spiritually misled by compulsory welfarism that we no longer feel we can rely on the benevolence of others or ourselves? It is a disgraceful indictment on our society, yet it exists only because of the contrivance of interfering governments.”

Mr Osborne says, “Libertarianz will leave you free to practise voluntary charity of your own volition. With a ruthless slashing of taxes and a complete freeing up of employment and business law, you will find yourself in far greater control of your life than you will have ever felt before. This will provide much greater opportunities and will leave you free to contribute to the charities and groups of your choice.”

“All state benefits and handouts such as unemployment and sickness benefits and the DPB would be abolished to permit the growth of voluntary charities and private insurance. As a transitional measure, a Libertarianz government will sell government assets to purchase annuities for the severely disabled and for superannuitants, for whom the punitive tax regimes of previous governments have made savings impossible.”

“Initially we will take great pleasure in boosting the numbers of unemployed among politicians, tax accountants, resource management consultants, iwi consultants, town planners, arborists, bureaucrats, tax collectors, WINZ staff, and salaried busybodies of every stripe.”

In conclusion Osborne asks, “How long must the madness continue? It is no accident that poverty is more prevalent than ever, that youth crime and violent crime are going through the roof. It is no accident that depression and suicide are common place. Our lives have become so bogged down by the demands of Nanny State. This coupled with centrally controlled altruism has left us all without any sense of our own real potential. Instead life has become pointless and conditions only exist to bring out the worst in humanity. Libertarianz have the only policies that encourage purpose and meaning in life.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”

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Peter Osborne
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Libertarianz: More Freedom – Less Government

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