ACT MP Turns on Supporters

19 May 2009 11:02:00

David Garrett, already famous for spurning individual rights, now alienates gun-owners who frequently support ACT, says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Firearms Spokesman. Garrett claims that “it was a mistake to abandon registering weapons.”

“This is likely to be taken by gun-owners as evidence that ACT would support the return of universal gun registration,” says Linton. “A frightening thought when gun registration has been used on 4 occasions to steal the private property of decent New Zealanders.”

“Garrett shows a fundamental lack of knowledge on the subject, apparently unaware that it was the Police who wanted to abandon the registering of rifles and shotguns. With a 40% error rate, registration is unworkable and a waste of tax-payers dollars, especially in a recession. Surely ACT could think of better uses for this money such as a tax cut?”

“Politicians from all parties need remember that decent New Zealanders who own firearms have already stated that they will not register their private property. The temptation for corrupt politicians to steal such property later on is too great!”

“Finally,” says Linton, “One must ask why dim-witted politicians are attacking lawful citizens when they could be reducing violent crime and dealing with criminals. Perhaps it is because firearms is an emotive topic that is sure to garner votes. Meanwhile, it is innocent farmers, hunters and sports shooters who must bear increased scrutiny, red tape, costs and bureaucracy.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”

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