ACT Takes Further Step Toward Oblivion

07 February 2011 09:49:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said though he is disappointed his party will not be fielding a candidate in the Botany by-election, he is even more disturbed by the ACT Party’s representative.

“Lyn Murphy has described herself as ‘centrist’ and politically to the left of the National Party candidate.”

“The National candidate ranks his greatest achievement as building a new athletics track for a local club – presumably forcing ratepayers to foot the bill.”

“Jami-Lee Ross is no champion of the free market or of downsizing government. He believes infrastructure should be funded through taxation. He has been a career politician since the age of 18, with little or no experience of working in the private sector.”

“And ACT’s candidate says she is politically to the left of this ratepayer-gouging pork-barrelling professional politician!”

“It will be very disappointing for many in ACT to see a bland, colourless candidate standing for them in Botany, and it could damage their chances in November.”

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party plans to stand several candidates at the general election, including his local electorate of Wairarapa where he looks forward to challenging sitting MP John Hayes on National’s failure to curb the rampant government borrowing and spending it inherited from Labour.

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