All Power to Taggers

18 February 2008 15:50:00

“How convenient that Comrade Clark should front up to the press over tagging in election year.” Said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman today.

“Of course her ideas on how to deal with the tagging problem will prove to be ineffectual but that means little to her. How the public perceive her is far more important. That aside, her answer is purely cosmetic anyway.”

Mr Osborne says, “What politicians and the media have failed to understand is that the culture of tagging is a visual reminder to us all of how unhealthy our politically contrived lives have become. Graffiti should remind us of the children who are murdered by their own family members each year. It should remind us the pointless assaults and beatings that occur around the country on a weekly basis. We should understand that the people who are doing the tagging are largely children who were born into families mired in institutionalised welfarism. New Zealand is awash with a culture of pointless and needless crime. In trying to tackle tagging alone, Clark is pretending that all of the other pointless problems that stem from the same source don’t exist.”

“Tagging, gang warfare, youth crime, drug abuse and extremely high suicide rates are a logical outcome when people are paid systematically to do nothing; to aspire to nothing. Life is altered, often irreversibly, from a future of possibilities and aspirations to an easy option of subsidised nothingness. The life of nothingness that is fostered by welfarism could only ever serve to degrade one’s self value.”

“It is time that our society of control, regulation and perverse incentives was rejected. Libertarianz are the only party with the balls to replace the hopelessness of entrenched welfarism with voluntary charity.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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