Anti-Business Council Shows Auckland Needs a New Party!

03 October 2012 07:03:00

“AV World owner Paul Halliwell’s struggle with council bureaucrats over signage on his business demonstrates quite aptly the need for a new political party in local body politics,” said Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath, three days before the party holds Liberty Conference 2012.

Paul Halliwell has been told he must remove his $6000 sign advertising his business from the premises because a district plan bans such signs in ‘character areas.’ While he is able to apply for dispensation at a cost of $750, a council compliance officer told him not to bother as he would be “wasting the fee.”

“Our current council seems to be unanimous in its support for using heritage and character regulation to strangle small business in Auckland. Whether our representatives be C&R, Independent or City Vision, there is no political grouping in Auckland politics saying that the Council needs to stop using these nit-picking rules to make running a business more difficult than it needs to be. This Saturday, there is going to be a political game changer in Auckland and around the country as Liberty Conference 2012 discusses the launch of a new local body party on a nationwide scale.”

“Whatever form the new local body party ends up taking, I am confident that it will be the sort of vehicle which defends the right of small businessmen to make a living for themselves. It will be a party which reduces rates and compliance costs. It will support a council that respects the right of property owners to enjoy proper ownership of their premises, rather than one which enables community busybodies to crush innovation and enterprise.”

“For hard working entrepreneurs like Paul Halliwell, relief is in sight!”

If you wish to be part of the creation of a new liberal local body political party, then make sure you attend Liberty Conference 2012 on Saturday October 6 from 9am at Crowne Plaza Hotel Auckland. Tickets are available from

For more information, please contact:

Richard McGrath
Leader, Libertarianz
P O Box 274

[email protected]