Auckland Gun Dealer Should be Applauded for Self Defense

27 July 2006 12:00:00

“Auckland Gun Dealer Greg Carvell should be applauded for his actions in defending himself from a machete wielding aggressor in his shop yesterday,” says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Firearms Spokesman. “All too often these days, ordinary citizens are portrayed as being the bad guy when they are simply acting in self defence.”

“Here is a clear case of a criminal entering private property and threatening lawful citizens with what appears to be deadly intent,” explained Linton. “Fortunately, Mr. Carvell was able to defend himself with a level of force that he ‘deemed appropriate, in the circumstances he believed them to be’. This is the universal right to self defence under the 1961 Crimes Act – the same Act which allows Police officers to use force.”

“The fact that this machete-wielding criminal was only shot once shows impressive restraint by Mr. Carvell when dealing with his aggressor. We are fortunate that New Zealanders are still able to exercise a legal and moral right of self defense in such instances.”

Linton further states, “While it will not always be necessary to shoot someone because a person fears for their life or that of another person, from the events known so far, it clearly appears to have been necessary this time. The criminal should count himself lucky to be alive.”

“Greg and his father, Ray Carvell, are highly respected members of the New Zealand community and I, for one, offer them my moral support. We should not forget,” says Linton, “That this could have been someone we know. Neither should we forget the saying: ‘There but for the grace of God, go I.’”


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