Auckland International Airport

11 April 2008 12:01:00

“An absolute bloody disgrace!”

That’s how Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton describes the Government’s interference in the partial sale of Auckland International Airport shares to the Canada Pension Plan. “More meddling, more sticky-beaking and more force being used to control the private affairs of private New Zealanders,” Darnton fumed.

“The Auckland Airport shares for sale belong to private people – not the Government. Cosgrove and Parker have trampled over the private property rights of thousands of New Zealanders today, and their breathtaking display of Marxism is abhorrent.”

“A Libertarianz government will return Freedom to all New Zealanders – freedom to do what they wish with their own private property. We will no longer tolerate this blatant theft of private property and destruction of human rights by the Labour-led government.”


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