Ban the Greens!

27 May 2003 12:04:47


“All advertising for the Green Party should be banned”, declared Libertarianz spokesman, Elliot Smith today. “Their ideas are toxic, harmful and they threaten the health of us all if implemented – time to remove the ideas from polite conversation!”

Continuing, he says that as libertarians are generally intelligent adults who value the free exchange of ideas he of course is not calling for such a ban – he is highlighting the stupidity of Sue Kedgley’s constant calls to ban “this, that and the other.”

Smith observes that the only way Kedgley appears to know how to get in the news is to call for ban after ban. “When,” he asks, “will she get around to calling for people like herself to be banned. Clearly her and other similar manic obsessives are a danger – why doesn’t she draw the obvious conclusion?”

Referring this time to her latest “drippy idea” about having children’s food awards, Smith says in this case “because some children are becoming obese, Kedgley wants to take away the rights of a business to market their product how they see fit and of parents to buy what they wish for their own children. Perhaps Ms Kedgley hasn’t heard of parental responsibility?” asks Smith. “Is it that the word ‘responsibility’ is too long for her? Perhaps she is just more comfortable with single syllable words starting with ‘b’!”

Smith concludes – “The Greens have policies that are terrible for everyone but you can bet they’d be the first to scream if someone stopped their free speech! Voltaire said ‘I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it’ – it’s just a shame that Sue Kedgley can’t see things from the same perspective.”


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