Blame Red Tape for Shoddy Infrastructure

01 October 2006 12:00:00

New Zealand’s crumbling infrastructure has been of major concern for years, and was highlighted recently by Wellington’s gas shutdown. A report by the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development has identified infrastructure as the key economic problem for New Zealand, and points to the RMA as the primary barrier to new infrastructure investment. “Investment in much needed infrastructure lags noticeably behind the rest of the world,” agrees Libertarianz Finance Spokesman Greg Balle. “The smart capital and investors that New Zealand desperately needs are wisely choosing to stay out of the state’s clutches.”

“Infrastructure markets are being seriously interfered with by state commissions, re-regulation, price-fixing and some questionable quasi-private-public enterprises,” said Balle. “What astute market investor in his right mind wants to get entangled with corporations bound up in the Commerce Commission’s price-guessing roulette? Who would plonk their savings into a company trying to compete with the state electricity sector’s labyrinth of rules, boards, commissions and arbitrary rulings?”

“Libertarianz free market policies would slash regulation and ensure that New Zealand attracted an abundance of capital into all investment classes, particularly the much needed infrastructure and productive sectors,” Balle concludes.


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