Blood on the Hands of Nanny State

29 July 2010 21:42:00

“Nanny State has more blood on her hands – so why is everyone asking for more Nanny State?” asks Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare, following the brutal death of Cezar Taylor.

“We have a very sick statistic unmatched by any civilised nation. Unfortunately, listening to just about every organisation with an opinion on infant murder, this statistic will continue on unabated. All are calling for further intervention. More powers to CYFS, tighter alcohol and drug regulations, more welfare, the list goes on.”

Osborne continues, “What possible good can come from encouraging people to produce babies when they are unable to support themselves? This is socialist engineering at its most despicable. What kind of society sits idly by in acceptance and, indeed, bankrolls such a depraved form of intervention?”

He says, “Intervention is what got us here. First Nanny took control of our thought processes at school. She introduced the welfare state. She has managed to find excuses to interfere into almost every facet of our lives. We have sat back and watched while Nanny State has taken control of things that we, as individuals, should be doing and New Zealanders are foolish enough to believe that life is better for it.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “It is long overdue that our government finally understand that they are the engineers of many of our ills, and take that as a cue to stop imposing their beliefs on us. Instead they must only concern themselves with defending our individual freedoms. Unfortunately they will use Cezars death to further entrench themselves.”

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