Bob the Blunderer

15 September 2005 14:55:00


After attending a National Party rally in Tauranga last evening Libertarianz Tauranga Candidate Russell Watkins says, “Contrary to what Winston First has been claiming, I can now confirm that Bob Clarkson actually has no testicles at all.” Also in attendance were MPs Tony Ryall and Sandra Goudie neither of which Mr Watkins says have testicles either, although Sandra has more of an excuse, he says.

“It seems Tauranga voters actually think Bob Clarkson is a better man, and more representative of Tauranga’s entrepreneurialism than Winston. I say they are both bereft of ideas and should both be voted out of the race for office for the good of the country; if Tauranga voters vote for either of these two twits they’ll be kicking themselves and their own dynamism in the bollocks.”

Advises Watkins: “Don’t vote for either of these blunderers. Get yourself a groin-guard against politicians instead and vote for Russell Watkins and the Libertarianz.”

‘It’s Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!’

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