Brash should fire Hutchison

30 October 2005 11:02:00

Political Correctness

“Politically correct nonsense” is how Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton described National MP Paul Hutchison’s call for the government to force bus and rail companies to make their fleets accessible for the disabled.

“Besides the huge cost, it is outrageously politically correct to believe that providers of any goods or services must be forced to accept (or others forced to pay for) the business of any prospective customers. Will Air New Zealand be forced to pay for lifts on its 747s so that disabled customers have the so called “right” to sit in the upper deck? Will rental car companies be forced to provide chauffeurs for blind hirers of rental cars? Must all roads everywhere have footpaths beside them capable of handling wheelchairs? Must everyone with steps to their houses convert them into ramps so it doesn’t “exclude” the wheelchair bound?”

“There are virtually no wheelchair-bound people who use the wheelchair-accessible buses now—most prefer to use the subsidised total-mobility scheme which provides door-to-door taxi service at a substantial discount.”

“Don Brash, with his welcome attack on political correctness, should demote Hutchison and commit National to abolishing the cruelly mis-named Human Rights Act. There is NO right to force any provider of goods or services to pay to make their goods or services available to everyone—if people want to make public transport accessible to the wheelchair bound, then they should feel free to pay voluntarily, anything else is politically correct nonsense,” Darnton concluded.

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