Bribery and Corruption. OK By Student Associations

28 July 2005 14:37:00


“The scrapping of interest on student loans, promised by Hard Labour, is an absolute disgrace and the response from the various student associations across the country shows that they are just as bereft of any sense of decency.” This was from Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today.

“Not only is this highly irresponsible, it is corrupt to the core and is a stark indication that this government is desperate to stay in power. People must not be fooled by such an obvious bribe. To show the very real perversion behind this issue, Hard Labour isn’t sacrificing anything of themselves to achieve this; once again they will force the taxpayer to suffer the burden of this rort for years to come. All for what? Just to keep these crooks in power.”

He says, “If the various students associations think that this is good for students, then they are short sighted fools. Accepting this bribe will only assist in furthering the intrusion of the state into all of our lives—a cost we will all have to suffer for their unprincipled vote. I sincerely hope that the students associations aren’t representative of the majority of student ideals.”

“This is a clear example of why New Zealand is in urgent need of a constitution that protects the rights of individuals from the initiation of force or fraud perpetrated by any other individual or group. This includes the State. Libertarianz have such a constitution and we will enshrine it permanently. This will allow everyone to live in freedom, secure in the knowledge that their liberties will not be voted away by other people. Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz will remove the state from the lending business entirely. If pupils wish to borrow money for their education, that is their prerogative and their responsibility. They are not entitled to the earnings of the unwilling taxpayer, and government has no right dishing it out for such means. We will also put a stop, once and for all, to government theft. This will put an end to the bribery and corruption so openly displayed by politicians across the board.

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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