Bring Back Brash, Say Libz

26 April 2011 20:17:56

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath offered his enthusiastic support to Don Brash in his bid to oust Rodney Hide as ACT leader.

“I welcome Dr Brash, a man of principle and courage, back into politics and wish him well in his efforts to revitalise the ACT Party,” he said.

“Rodney Hide has single-handedly destroyed in a few short years a political party that promised much in its early days but has steadily lost traction because it compromised its core values and alienated its supporters.”

“Unless ACT replaces its leader, it will be toast at the next election,” McGrath added. ”Don Brash offers ACT a slim chance of salvation in November, otherwise the party will probably fold.”

“The ACT Party should consider it an honour to have Dr Brash courting them, and should immediately join him up prior to a showdown with Mr Hide.”

Dr McGrath said Don Brash shares many of the values espoused by the Libertarianz Party, namely a reduction in the size and scope of government, increasing privatisation of education and welfare, and one law for all.

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