Bring Back BZP

14 March 2008 12:25:00




Bring Back BZP

“What will one man party pooper Jim Banderton ban next?” wonders Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman, Dr. Richard Goode, referring to Banderton’s bill to ban BZP-based party pills passed yesterday by Parliament.

“Perhaps Jim Talibanderton will follow the example of his namesakes in Afghanistan, who banned kite-flying and listening to CDs,” muses Goode. “Both of these activities have killed hundreds of people worldwide. Enjoying BZP has never killed anyone.  Jim claims his latest killjoy ban is in the interests of ‘harm minimisation’.  Really?”

“I’ll tell you what really motivates Jim Talibanderton,” says Goode.  ”He’s drunk on power, an intoxicant not available to the masses, and he uses that power to ban intoxicants which are.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not just Jim.  His power-addled cronies in Labour, National, NZ First and United Future all voted unanimously for this gross attack on cognitive freedom.  If I want to take a pill to experience energy and euphoria, that’s my business,” Goode asserts.  ”The last thing I need is the mood police mandating how I can feel.”

“Bring back BZP!” Goode declares.  ”Be the boss of your own brain! Libertarianz transitional drug policy is to legalise all drugs safer than alcohol.  This is consistent with the government’s own policy of harm minimisation.  Many people prefer drugs other than alcohol.  Where those other drugs are safer than alcohol, the application of legal sanctions against the use of those alternatives is inconsistent with the principle of harm minimisation.”

“Vote Libertarianz – for permanent relief from tyranny!”


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