Candidate 2011

Bruce Whitehead
Hunua Candidate

Bruce is a tradesman (electrician), lives in Pukekohe, is married and the proud father of two preschool children. Bruce has been a member of the Libertarianz Party since 2001 and has been a past supporter of the Free Radical Foundation and, recently, the Kill the Bill campaign.

I joined the Libertarianz Party after listening to Lindsay Perigo on Radio Pacific back in 1999 and realised what he had been fighting for all his life…

  • the view that man is a free thinking individual, not automatically part of some vague group, tribe or majority that defines who you should be and what values you should have
  • the view your life is your own and is not indebted to some “sin” that some ancestor may have committed sometime
  • the view that you are the master of your own destiny and the recipient of the consequences of your own actions (good and bad)
  • the view that the above should apply to everyone else
  • the view that what you earn is yours and yours alone to spend, donate or whatever
  • the view that you are obligated automatically to help “those in need” as decided by someone else via taxation is just a big fraud
  • the view that money taken from you (via tax) to fund someone else’s “great idea” without your permission is theft
  • the view that governments are inherently overpowering and tend to meddle in people’s lives for no good reason but their own self interest

Bruce Whitehead
Phone: 027 273 2301
Email: [email protected]