Bugger the Schools & Bugger ERO

28 October 2005 11:35:00


“Bugger the teachers, bugger the schools and bugger ERO,” said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today, in response to a PPTA press release calling for ERO to get off the backs of teachers and schools.

“Teachers and schools deserve all the flak they get while they continue to ignore the obvious. They are just as consequentially ignorant as the poor kids they teach, as they haven’t the wit to acknowledge that state enforced education IS the problem.”

Osborne says, “For once though, I have to agree with the PPTA; ERO should bugger off. They are driven by their own self-serving agenda and that of politicians who make decisions for political reasons and the health of the education sector be damned.”

He says, “None of these groups will acknowledge that entrenched welfarism and a hopeless state enforced education system is the foundation beneath growing problems of youth violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse and gang involvement. They force their ideas onto our children and their stunted minds have reduced education to a stagnant, uninspiring monument to mediocrity. Yet the same questions continue to surface. Why are kids going truant? Why is depression so prevalent among our youth? Why are children becoming more violent? The answer is because parents no longer have the freedom to determine the education for their own children; the state does. Also no one has the freedom to express their own benevolence; the state does it for them. Hence beneficiaries do not have to face those who subsidise their existence and they now see the benefit as a natural right. These problems have been created by a state that has distorted responsibilities and reality.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz fully understands the disastrous implications of an all encompassing Nanny State, as we have now. We won’t rest until the Ministry of Education is completely eliminated and compulsory welfarism is scrapped. Parents will be handed back the responsibility of determining their own children’s education. The education sector will be released from the agenda of politicians and bureaucrats to pursue a meaningful and ever evolving teaching process. Institutionalised welfarism will also be scrapped to allow those who truly wish to help people to do so, from their own benevolence. Zero tax will allow people to pursue all of the choices that we are denied today by those who think they know better.”

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