Buzzword Bullshit Can’t Hide National’s Lack of Direction

08 March 2009 10:50:00

Libertarianz leader and health deregulation spokesman Richard McGrath today described the list of new words and phrases to be used by Health Ministry bureaucrats when dealing with the National Government as “more buzzword bullshit”.

“The underlying impetus of the new government is no different to that of the old one – they insist that the health industry should be centrally planned. Private health providers will be tolerated, but moves should be made to incorporate them into the state system, or run them out of business, by way of taxpayer subsidies,” said Dr McGrath.

“Labour’s focus was on social engineering, micro-managing people’s lives and making everyone equally poor,” he added. “National’s focus appears to be on public-private partnerships – meaning corporatism, where the private sector uses its superior efficiency and know-how to help the government implement its policies.”

“It is apparent to everyone that National have no new ideas, have forgotten those they once had, and in any case lack the will to make the far-reaching changes that are necessary.”

Dr McGrath said a Libertarianz government would end state involvement in the health industry by firing thousands of bureaucrats, selling off public hospitals and assisting people into personalised health insurance – “thus allowing the private sector get on with the job of managing consumer demand.”

“The problem with our health system is not one of efficiency, adequate funding or a lack of skilled professionals. The problem is the top-down management model, based on that of the old Soviet Union, consisting of we-know-best politicians and an army of self-serving bureaucrats.”

“It doesn’t matter that central government, by setting up the puppet Primary Health Organisations, has insulated itself from accountability, litigation and the smell of the public health system’s rotting carcass.”

“Until governments stop trying to regulate, subsidise, and manipulate the price of health services, then our state-run hospitals, doctors, nurses and allied professionals will continue to labour under a model that is a blunt instrument unresponsive to consumer demand and which violates property rights with its predatory funding structure.”

“Fancy words can’t disguise the fact that this government, for all its rhetoric, will not allow a free market in health care.”

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