BZP Causes Adverse Kneejerk Reaction

16 February 2007 15:50:00

In the wake of a tragic incident in Greymouth which has left a young man in an induced coma in Christchurch Hospital after taking BZP, Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman Dr. Richard Goode reiterated his party’s opposition to a ban on BZP-based party pills.

He prefaced his remarks by saying, “No drug use is the safest option. No drug is completely safe, and adults should take drugs only if they are fully aware of the risks of doing so, and are prepared to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.”

Goode notes that National MP Jacqui Dean has used the occasion to renew her call for BZP to be banned, and calls her press release “opportunistic” and “an adverse kneejerk reaction”. “Serious adverse effects of BZP use are real – but extremely rare. Dean would be well advised to wait for the toxicologist’s report before jumping to conclusions.”

“Making BZP illegal will not make BZP safer,” says Goode. “In fact, it will make BZP more dangerous. Whereas at present the sale of BZP-based party pills is subject to an R18 age limit, and manufacture, marketing and distribution are in the hands of a responsible, self-regulating industry, who are calling for government to enact even stricter regulation, banning BZP will put ‘ethical business decision-making’ in the hands of gangs and organised crime.”

“Making BZP illegal will not curtail drug use,” insists Goode. “While it may lead to a reduction in the use of BZP, the number of people using drugs of one kind or another will stay the same. Former party pill users will get high on something else. Many will revert to using already illegal party drugs like methamphetamine (“P”) and ecstasy.”

“Jacqui Dean should follow the lead of the Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton in this case, and show some responsibility and restraint. Late last year the EACD reported on the potential for harm of BZP-based party pills, and the Minister immediately released their findings to consumers. Now he is following a consultation process mandated by law and, I hope, waiting for the EACD to report back on the potential for harm of banning BZP-based party pills.”

“You can sign the Libertarianz petition to keep BZP legal by downloading the petition from ”

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