Cancer Patients Told To Stop Complaining, Go Away And Die

10 January 2011 09:49:00

Libertarianz leader and Richard McGrath says that until New Zealanders vote to stop the rationing of cancer treatment, they should expect more of it.

Commenting on the decision by central North Island hospitals to restrict oncology appointments to people with the best chances of a favourable outcome, the Masterton GP said the decision reflected a desire by New Zealanders to remain with the socialised system of health care favoured by National and Labour.

“Individuals do not count under such a system – it’s all about doing the best for the population as a whole with the resources available.”

“That sounds fine, until it’s you with the cancer. Then you discover that years of enforced contribution to the health system count for nothing, and you could be pushed aside in favour of someone with a better hope of recovery.”

“New Zealanders need to realise that the public health system is a far different beast to private health insurance.”

“With private insurance, the state does not compel you to enter the market. If you do choose to take out insurance, you will find you have a choice of companies and packages available which reflect individual preference and affordability.”

“With private insurance, care is individualised and you are not forced to subsidise the health care of strangers, as you are in the public system.”

“With private insurance, there are often incentives to lead healthier lifestyles – such as lower premiums for non-smokers. Such incentives do not exist in the public sector, where service is simply based on need.”

“The private sector has the advantage of a contractual commitment to provide care, which as the recent decisions illustrate, do not exist in the public sector.”

“For this reason, the Libertarianz Party believe the government should allow households to make their own arrangements for health care.”

“This could be achieved by giving full tax rebates to anyone who purchased private medical insurance.”

“This would allow people with cancer, and who wished to stick with the public hospital system, to continue to rely on it as per the status quo. However, as this latest example of rationed treatment shows, many of these patients will be shut out of receiving an oncology opinion and will be sent home to die.”

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