Capitulation By GPs Angers Libz

22 June 2006 13:16:00

Health Deregulation

Libertarianz spokesman and Masterton GP Richard McGrath expressed bitter disappointment at the negotiated settlement between doctor groups and the government.

“What have GPs gained from this?” he asked. “They still do not have the right to set their charges as they see fit. They are still beholden to Fees Review Committees who can chop them off at the knees. All this agreement does is create a large new group of welfare beneficiaries.

Wealthier middle aged people will get a substantial reduction in the surcharge when they see a GP,” said Dr McGrath. “But whatever discount Pete Hodgson gives them, Michael Cullen will take away in taxes. Someone has to pay for it all.

Dr McGrath said his party would have restored the right of doctors to charge what they like, leaving patients free to reward good doctors and to punish those who overcharged.

A Libertarianz government would disestablish the complex system of subsidies and welfare payments to doctors and their patients, privatise PHOs and abolish the Health Ministry. It would limit the role of the state in the context of health care to protecting common-law rights of service providers and their patients.


Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]  
0273 222 907

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