Census Battle Returns to Court

11 April 2007 09:50:00

The court case between Libertarianz member Nikolas Haden and Statistics New Zealand will be heard in court on Wednesday. Mr Haden is defending himself against charges brought by Statistics New Zealand in relation to Mr Haden’s refusal to fill in last year’s census.

According to Statistics NZ estimates in the 2006 Post Enumeration Survey there were about 92,000 New Zealanders who did not fill out last year’s census. It seems however that only about 100 are being prosecuted. This prosecution appears to be motivated by the political protest mounted against the census by the Libertarianz party.

The Libertarianz party has taken a moral stand against the census, not so much because of the information collected, but because the information acquisition is compulsory and backed by the threat of fines and jail time. However it appears that these threats are selectively enforced as there are large numbers of non-compliant New Zealanders who are not being prosecuted.

Libertarianz is the only party which has consistently stood for individual rights and freedoms – such as the freedom to not fill in a census form – and is supporting Mr Haden’s fight for these rights.

Mr Haden appears in the Wellington District Court at 10.00 am Wednesday 11 April and can be contacted afterwards on (027) 444 4143


For more information contact:

Nik Haden
Libertarianz Census Spokesman
Phone 027 444 4143
Email: [email protected]

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