Change The Government to fix Violent Offending

17 June 2008 11:35:00


Law and Order

Change The Government to fix Violent Offending

"The office of Prime Minister has been dragged to a new low,"  said Law and Order Spokesman Robert Palmer today.  "Helen Clark has effectively blamed the victim Mr Navtej Singh for causing his own death, by running a legitimate licensed business."

"Not content with her hatchet job on the tragically and recently departed, Clark then goes on to slander other shop owners by referring to them collectively as 'grog shop' owners.  This is absolutely outrageous," Palmer fumes.  "These are small business people who have jumped through all the hoops placed in their way by all levels of government and worked hard to succeed."

"Nine years of Clark-led government and it is clear to all but the Prime Minister that law and order is a subject on which she has no grasp.  If the PM cannot understand the simple concept that criminals are responsible for crime then it is time for her and the sorry bunch that support her to resign."

"A party with a grip on reality is needed to deal with the problems created by the misguided Nanny State policies of National and Labour for the last 40 years," Palmer concludes.

"It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"


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