Children’s Commissioner Purveyor of Suffering

07 August 2008 15:50:00

“Rajen Prasad and The Children’s Commission should be thrown off the gravy
train as they are part of the poverty problem,” said Peter Osborne,
Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman, today.

Mr Osborne is drawing attention to Mr Prasad’s recommendations for reducing

He says, “Prasad’s calls for longer paid parental leave, including a month
for fathers, is a classic example. While such a recommendation make Mr
Prasad look good, the repercussions of his idea is to further erode
incentives to employ staff. The few employers who are prepared to carry the
burdens that are forced upon them by government will ultimately transfer
this extra cost on to the consumer. This in turn takes even simple but
necessary products out of the reach of those who can least afford them.”

“The constant stream of employment regulation and protection that we so
crave has become our own undoing. It has ensured the removal of opportunity
and it has ensured that those who wish to improve their lives will not

Mr Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz would throw Mr Prasad and those of his
ilk out on their ear as they have nothing to offer this world and they only
serve to ensure that poverty and suffering will perpetuate. We will remove
all regulatory burdens and leave employers and employees to reach their own
individual employment agreements. Quangos such as The Children’s Commission
and Kiwi Bank will be closed down or sold. By doing so those who earn their
money will keep it, as is proper. The sooner the state is reduced to its
rightful size and influence the sooner we will see poverty disappear.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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