Choking Smokers With More Regulations

07 October 2003 11:45:00


Libertarianz Deputy Leader Stephen Berry offered only condemnation for moves by Associate Health Minister Damien O’Connor to ratify the framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). “The state fist just grips tighter and tighter on this product, and those who choose to smoke have had enough!” Berry said. “It’s time for the government to hold off and let those who own the lungs decide.”

In order for New Zealand to comply with the FCTC, warnings on cigarette packets need to be at least 30% of pack size, which New Zealand already complies with. Mr. O’Connor says, with all the pride of an SS officer, “We are already a world leader in tobacco control.” This hasn’t stopped him ordering a Health Ministry review, which may result in increased warning sizes, warning pictures, and new wording.

Stephen Berry says, “Smokers are becoming almost apathetic toward to constant blows being rained down on them. Tax rises of a dollar per pack at a time, property violations for the sake of non-smokers, and tax-paid television images of blood clots are just accepted and tolerated. Smokers need to get mad and they need to get even.”

O’Connor states, “Continually improving tobacco control will no doubt give rise to future policy initiatives relating to non-mandatory provisions in the FCTC, or even beyond its scope.” Berry reminds smokers that this is their warning of more to come.

“If smokers do not want to be further beaten down, they must start fighting back now! Every other political party is committed to some form of tobacco control, while the Libertarianz proudly say that tobacco use is your decision, irrelevant of what a government minister thinks. Join us in defending your right to make your own decisions without the state robbing you blind for your choice.” Berry concludes.


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