Christchurch Recovery: Whose Houses Are They, Anyway?

19 December 2011 12:27:07

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath questions why the Christchurch City Council is wanting to bully people out of their homes, when they could just ask owners who wish to stay post-earthquake to sign a waiver and take full responsibility for their lives.

“Joe Bennett and others who wish to remain in their homes should be allowed to do so,” McGrath said.

“A man’s home is his castle. A red sticker does not make it the property of some petty bureaucrat with the Orwellian title of ‘Regulation and democracy manager’ who thinks he can chuck people onto the street at will.”

“Full marks to Joe and others for asserting their property rights and staying put. The Libertarianz Party backs their position but believes that responsibility for any adverse outcome associated with remaining in their homes should rest with the owners, and not with the city council, ACC or the public health system.”

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