Candidate 2011

Colin Cross
List Candidate

Colin Cross has been a libertarian since birth. He is currently working as a Real Estate salesman in Wellington. He has had a wide variety of work experience including bar manager, labourer, car importer, market researcher, teacher, and counselor.

“Libertarianz is the only party that recognises each individual’s right to own and manage their own life. This fundamental right, so seemingly obvious, is so easily destroyed by state intervention under the guise of being well-meant support. The net effect of state aid and invasion is to destroy people’s sense of self, to encourage guilt and self-loathing, and ultimately create dependency on further aid, similar to a drug addiction. Tragically, when people are offered freedom, they are paralysed with fear at having to make choices regarding their own lives. They demand more state aid. They feel a sense of entitlement without any associated sense of earning. The resulting social consequences are high crime rates, low educational achievement, high suicide rates, and ill health.”

Colin Cross
Phone: 027 447 3745
Email: [email protected]