Collins ‘Check Up’ Call Shows Nats’ True Colours

02 March 2005 22:23:00

Free Speech

“Disturbing” is how Libertarianz Free Speech Spokesman Scott Wilson describes Judith Collin’s call for the Department of Internal Affairs to investigate someone who emailed her with a distasteful – but not criminal – opinion regarding her approach to censorship.

“While I haven’t seen the email myself, and certainly wouldn’t agree with the views reportedly contained therein, it appears some person was expressing an opinion about a policy Collins was advocating. The email she got may well have been offensive,” says Wilson, “but was not apparently illegal, so whatever was actually expressed is irrelevant. Why should she call upon a government department to go outside its legal powers to ‘check up’ on someone? Is she perhaps beginning her own Enemies List in the manner of Richard Nixon?” wonders a worried Wilson.

“Thankfully in this case Internal Affairs showed more sense than Collins, but it is worrying when a senior politician is so quick to call for a big stick over something she finds offensive, but Internal Affairs confirm is not illegal. Her behaviour, coupled with the former National Government’s increasing penalties for publications it deemed offensive – which included such things as videos of adults dressed in school uniforms and the magazine ‘Cigar Afficionado’ – makes one wonder what is in National’s water.”

“The National Party is so increasingly opposed to free speech it makes Labour look liberal,” Wilson concluded.

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Libertarianz Spokesman on Free Speech
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