Convicts, Crooks, and Racists = Maori T.V.

27 May 2003 11:59:31

Broadcasting/Maori Affairs

“The corrupt, racist, and criminal-rich Maori T.V. channel must be abolished before it begins,” demands Libertarianz Spokesman Russell Watkins.

“From its inception the immorality of having a state funded, politically-correct Maori separatist TV station has been opposed by all but the ones with their snouts firmly in the trough containing other peoples money. While they wallow,” he observes, ”it seems like every other week,more rip- offs are exposed, more incompetence revealed, more fraudsters uncovered, and bigger budgets demanded. Enough is Enough!”

“This endless pit of wealth consumption, and thievery must be shut down,” says Watkins. ”Derek Fox, Parakura Horomia, and every other bludger involved in this criminal enterprise must be sacked!” He observes however that instead and unfortunately this government seems set to let the situation go on indefinitely – “or at least until all the votes are in.”

Libertarianz hold that instead of a Maori TV channel being set up to waste the money of all tax-victims, a “truth commission” be set up instead; this giving the likes of Horomia and Fox the opportunity to admit their crimes against tax-payers – they have been added to a long list of New Zealand political criminals that will face such a commission.


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