Coroner David Crerar Must be Sacked!

06 September 2010 09:42:00

“For Coroner David Crerar to use findings from his investigation of Napier gunman Jan Molenar and Senior Constable Len Snee to call for more oppressive gun laws is immoral and a smear on the actions of those who brought the siege to an end.”

“Crerar should use his position to ensure police are better prepared for any task that they need to action rather than put forth his personal opinion about the private property of New Zealanders. Clearly Crerar is not fit to hold public office and the National government should sack him immediately”, says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Firearms.

“New Zealand already has world-class gun laws and these should not be undermined by wasting police resources on registering the property of decent New Zealanders.”

“Banning property such as Military-Style Semi-Automatics or any other class of firearm has long been recognized as futile. One must remember that gun control laws actually increase crime as shown in Australia. They will not make New Zealand a safer place, something Police Minister Judith Collins should remember.”

“Firearm owners have repeatedly stated they will not register or allow their guns to be confiscated,” says Linton. “The National government needs to show some fortitude and sack Crerar immediately!”

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