Coroners Call on Euthanasia Overdue

25 November 2005 09:40:00


“Nelson coroner, Ian Smith, is correct when he says that euthanasia was a matter parliament was going to have to consider,” said Peter Osborne, a Libertarianz Spokesman, today. This was following the suicide of Mr Ralph Vincent in April this year.

Osborne says, “Firstly, those in parliament can consider scrapping all laws that prohibit people from pursuing this inalienable right in a dignified manner.”

“This is a typical example of when politicians over step their mandate and attempt to make moral laws for immoral reasons. Too fearful of losing popularity from certain sectors they would rather be seen to be moral, regardless of those individuals who wish to end their days with dignity.”

He says, “The circumstances around Mr Vincent’s death are especially tragic and are a stark reminder to us all of how uncivilised we really are.” Mr Vincent’s body was found alone in his caravan. In September 2002 Mr Vincent ‘s 83 year old wife, Vicky, was found with a plastic bag over her head. Both deaths were self inflicted. “This is a disgrace. Both of these people were denied the right to die a painless, dignified death with their family around them. Instead they had no choice but to do it alone, by whatever means available. This is no thanks to politicians who have appointed themselves as the moral police but lack the moral stamina to allow people to make these decisions themselves.

Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz call on all politicians to get out of our lives. The only laws that they need to concern themselves with are laws that protect New Zealanders from force or fraud. We understand that this would entail a complete overhaul of current legislation as government holds a monopoly on force and fraud but it must be done. A repealing of our archaic euthanasia laws would be a good start.”

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