Cunliffe Needs To Search His Soul

02 February 2008 16:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath said Health Minister David
Cunliffe, the self-proclaimed ‘socialist who can count’, knows why
three Hawkes Bay people have died waiting for coronary bypass surgery.

“There is no need for an independent inquiry into the deaths of the
three Hawkes Bay people waiting for coronary bypass operations,” said
Dr McGrath. “Mr Cunliffe already knows the root cause of long surgical
waiting lists.”

“The Sovietization of health care under Michael Joseph Savage, and the
failure of subsequent governments to allow New Zealanders to fully
fund and manage their health requirements, is the reason behind the
disastrous deaths in Hawkes Bay.”

“Mr Cunliffe should be held accountable for this, and resign
immediately, unless he publicly renounces socialism and moves to
deregulate and privatize the health industry.”

“Twelve years ago, former Libertarianz Party leader Lindsay Perigo
spoke of the die-while-you-wait health system. Since then, nothing has
changed. There is still a shortage of qualified specialist staff in
cardiac surgery and other services.”

“Under a private system, market forces mean hospitals would have to
offer higher rates of pay and better conditions in order to attract
staff – and rapidly – or risk financial ruin. Under a socialized
system, hospitals respond to the demands of their customers with the
trademark bureaucratic inertia we have come to expect in our public
hospitals and health ministry.”

“Libertarianz would slash taxes, abolish the health ministry and its
army of useless public servants, and sell off public hospitals. This
would allow people to make their own health care arrangements, free of
molestation by socialists.”

“Charities would provide a safety net for the deserving poor, and
private health care responsive to individual needs would flourish. A
variety of health care packages would be available to match the
ability of individuals and families to pay.”

“No-one would be forced to underwrite the health care costs of others.
There would be a much greater incentive for people to take better care
of themselves, instead of leaving everything to Nanny State.”


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