Cunliffe’s Hands-Off Attitude: Laudable

08 May 2008 13:50:00



Cunliffe's Hands-Off Attitude: Laudable

According to Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath, the junior doctor’s strike is a matter for the doctors, their union and the hospitals to sort out between themselves.

“The government has no reason to interfere at this stage,” said Dr McGrath. “I applaud David Cunliffe’s hands-off attitude.”

Dr McGrath will be releasing the Libertarianz transitional health policy this weekend at the party conference in Auckland.

“There will be no surprises in that policy,” he added. “I will be outlining how, over five years, we can free up the market in health care by privatization and removal of those subsidies that give the public-run medical profession an unfair advantage over its competitors."

“My policy would gradually shift ownership of decisions involving the purchase of health care from politicians and bureaucrats back to individuals."

“This is totally consistent with the Libertarianz belief in less government intervention and more individual freedom which very few, if any, other political parties seem to want for New Zealanders.”


For more information contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Spokesman
MB ChB DipObst PGCertTravMed
Phone: 027 322 2907
Email: [email protected]

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