Do-it-yourself Defence

04 June 2003 13:26:00

Libertarianz today congratulated Mr Bruce Simpson for providing the first credible defence system in this country since Helen Clark and Mark Burton gutted the air force.

“With the possible exception of Helen Clark’s personality, Mr Simpson’s home-built cruise missile is now the only tangible protection this country has against foreign aggression,” notes Libertarianz spokesman Robert Palmer. Palmer notes ‘with relief’ that Mr Simpson promises not to use it for terrorism purposes, but observes nonetheless that what is left of the New Zealand Air Force has no defence against any form of cruise missile – even home-built ones.

“Our defence ‘force’ is now so pathetic it has been bested by a single backyard mechanic,” says Palmer, concluding ironically, “Thank goodness we exist in an ‘extremely benign defence environment’ – a thing we know to be true, because Helen tells us so.”

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