Don’t Count on National To Fix Health

24 March 2004 01:23:09


Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry thinks little of comments made by National Health spokesman Dr. Lynda Scott on obesity and District Health Boards. “It will take more than tinkering with DHBs and state bureaucracy to fix health issues in New Zealand. The change must be philosophical, not pragmatic,” declares Berry, “and requires diminishing government nannying, not increasing it.”

‘Nanny Scott’ criticises District Health Boards for being ‘so intent on reducing deficits they cannot focus on community initiatives which address issues like obesity.’ Berry demurs, suggesting instead that issues of obesity and the like will never be solved by a system that works only to increase spending. “Not withstanding the wishes of Nanny Scott and her ilk, health issues will only worsen unless a philosophical change occurs in individuals themselves – a change geared towards preventing and solving one’s own problems. It’s called self-responsibility, something for which the National Party once stood.”

“Flashy campaigns in schools and on television – using money that people could otherwise have spent themselves to manage their own health – changes nothing,” says Berry. “The problem gets worse even as state resources committed to the issue grow. Let people fight their own war on fat with their own money – if they wish to.”

People would be able to manage their own health problems if, as the Libertarianz propose, government stopped taking their money from them at gunpoint. “Just give people’s money back, Lynda, instead of taxing them to publicise your favourite issue. Cause-and-effect will work better than a nannying grab-and-spend. When people start suffering the negative consequences of their bad choices instead of a getting a handout, they will be more willing and able to look after themselves.”


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