Drinking-Age Raise Inconveniences New Zealanders

09 June 2005 12:13:00


“While Progressive Party deputy Matt Robson is claiming that his new Sale of Liquor Amendment Bill is a victory for democracy, all he has accomplished is exposing many of the current MPs in Parliament as erratic and scatterbrained, and demonstrating the patronising ‘Nanny knows best’ attitude of the Progressive Party and 78 of this country’s MPs,” says Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate, Robin Thomsen.

“It is widely expected that raising the drinking age will achieve little in changing the drinking culture in New Zealand,” says Thomsen, “and simply adds inconvenience. There is no magic bullet that will solve the drinking trend in New Zealand. The vast majority of teenagers drink responsibly and are guilty of nothing more than socialising and having a good time. Those few that cause trouble should be prosecuted for the trouble, not for the drinking.”

“Libertarianz is committed to treating adults as such, with all the liberties that accompany adulthood.” Concludes Thomsen, “It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”

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