Drinking age should remain at 18

06 September 2005 16:34:00

Youth Affairs

“All adults have the right to decide what they put into their own bodies, and that means the drinking age should remain at 18,” announced Libertarianz Leader and Wellington Central candidate Bernard Darnton today.

“Despite the posturings of Anderton, Dunne and other buybodies, the only way adults can be allowed to be responsible is to ensure that they ARE responsible for their actions. Most drinkers drink responsibly, whether 18 or 80, and just because some don’t or because there is a culture of blaming everyone else for your problems does not mean the answer to excessive youth drinking is to ban it from everyone.”

“Young people can be employed, set up a business, join the armed forces, buy a house, drive a car, fly a plane and have sex, so there is no reason why they cannot also buy a drink from someone willing to sell it to them.”

“The quid pro quo is that no one HAS to sell to them. As Libertarianz would also abolish the Human Wrongs Commissariat, pub owners could choose to ban people under 20, 25, 40 or whatever if they wish—it is their business. Just like it is their business whether anyone smokes on their property.”

“Libertarianz unashamedly promotes the right of adults to decide what they put into their bodies, and for them to decide who enters their property,” concluded Darnton.

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