Drought Solution: Don’t Waste Water, Folks

02 February 2008 17:50:00


Drought Solution: Don't Waste Water, Folks

"Another meeting, another talkfest, another pile of taxpayers' money wasted on pointless crap," says Libertarianz Environment Spokesman Peter Cresswell in response to news of 'drought committees' forming across the country and of the country's biggest emitter of hot air gathering to talk drought in Wellington.  "The major drought here is in imagination," he says.

"We've already seen a bidding war from politicians on how they're going to set temperatures forty years from now," he notes.  "Now they're calling a 'national drought meeting' to discuss how they're going to fix tomorrow's rainfall.  At a time when there are warnings of blackouts today due to the confluence of the country's collapsing energy infrastructure and an 'energy strategy' that precludes the production of new energy, talk of 'drought meetings' is simply fatuous posturing by one and all."

"Good sense might be shown with just a few simple words like 'Don't waste water, folks'," counsels Cresswell, "letting sensible New Zealanders show some common sense and run their own lives for a change.  More likely however is that we'll see politicians who they think they can command rainfall like some modern-day King Canute (and temperatures like some olden-day Icarus) enforcing more impositions upon us in the manner of innkeeper of legend Procrustes."

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