Drug prohibition is no laughing matter

06 May 2005 15:52:00


Christchurch businessman Dean Davies, who opened New Zealand’s first ‘nos’ bar, has said he is prepared to be arrested and go to court in the name of nitrous oxide. He has found himself on the wrong side of chief government wowser, Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton.

“Anderton calls Davies a parasite,” observes Dr. Richard Goode, Libertarianz Spokesman for Health Deregulation. “We call Davies a successful businessman, and a role model for the increasing numbers in this country who are fighting unwarranted government interference in their lives.”

“Anderton says that nos bar owners just care about making money. Coming from the Minister of Economic Development, surely this is some sort of veiled compliment,” suggests Dr. Goode, adding, “the only things Anderton knows how to sell are hysteria and moral panic.”

Goode notes the irony in Anderton’s latest broadside. “Nitrous oxide is one of the safest recreational drugs available. If the current government took its own drug policy of harm minimisation seriously, it would promote nitrous oxide as an alternative to more dangerous substances such as alcohol, instead of promoting a clamp-down on harmless fun.”

Dr. Goode reiterates his party’s support for the legalisation of recreational drugs, including nitrous oxide. “Libertarianz will legalise all drugs,” says Goode. “It’s a simple issue of personal sovereignty. All adults, as the legitimate owners of their own lives and bodies, have the right to ingest whatever substances they please, on the condition they do not violate the rights of others and they take responsibility for their actions.”

“Drug prohibition is no laughing matter,” concludes Goode. “To end the War on Drugs™, vote Libertarianz!”

MEDIA ADVISORY: Libertarianz activists will be supporting NORML’s Wellington J-Day tomorrow at High Noon at Aro Park.

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