Eco-Terrorism Graduates Show What They Learnt at Camp

31 January 2004 02:09:15

Following this month’s Motueka Direct Action Training Camp organised by the People’s Moratorium Enforcement Agency - in which training in vandalism and eco-terrorism was the declared aim – cases of vandalism and rights-violations by environmental activists have increased. Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry says, “This is unsurprising. It is the expected result of allowing people to gather together to train in terrorist tactics. The police should have stopped the camp occurring, but simply failed to do so.” 
Since the camp a number of acts of vandalism have taken place. On the 15th of January, Christchurch Community Action activists disrupted business in Moorhouse Ave Pak’n'Save. They labelled foods that they suspected contained GE organisms and constructed displays within the store, narrowly avoiding arrest. Group spokesman, Duncan Eddy, warns, “You can expect to see a lot more citizen-initiated direct action against GE food and crops.”  
Another Christchurch group, Christchurch Anti-GE Destroyers (CAGED), claimed responsibility for the vandalising of a Speights Breweries billboard. Following this act, a press release was issued claiming that the Speights characters endorsed the destruction of GE crops. 
Stephen Berry says, “It is time for the police to crack down on these sorts of groups now! Having failed to violate our right to choose through a Select Committee inquiry, environmental activists now seek to vandalise and disrupt private property to advance their cause. The deliberate and co-ordinated violation of other people’s rights should not be tolerated in a free society.” 
“Persons who disapprove of Genetic Engineering should simply stop buying GE products, and act to keep their own property free of GE organisms. They have no right to stop others doing, buying or growing what they wish – and no argument justifies the violence and vandalism they are undertaking. No ideas can justify the use of criminal actions against others.” 
Stephen Berry Libertarianz Deputy [email protected]