Candidate 2011

Elah Zamora
East Coast Bays Candidate

Libertarianz – The only political party of principle.

I am standing as Candidate for the East Coast Bays electorate for Libertarianz because I believe in freedom and that I own my own life and you own yours!

I came back to live in New Zealand, in late 2005 after residing in Australia for the most part of the last 13 years. Prior to this, I had given little thought to politics, as I had never come across a political party with consistent policies.

What attracted me most to Libertarianz, was the fact that it is a party that is pro capitalism and pro free market and as such recognises the sole, legitimate function of the government is to uphold individual rights, ban the initiation of force and fraud, while leaving the individual to make their own decisions on their life, so long as they bear responsibility for those choices and respect that same right for others.

It is my aim as a candidate for Libertarianz, to get the government out of your life, out of your pocket and out of your business. I have had a gutful of all this political interference in our lives as well as this political correct nonsense, and believe that people can run their own lives, and need to be free to do so, as a matter of urgency. I will stand up for the privatisation of all state assets, and fight for this on moral grounds, since none of the other parties seem intent on doing so. Actually, none of the other parties seem intent on doing anything except more of the same, and taking more money off the productive of this country and continuing with more socialist policies.

Libertarianz is the only political party that will deliver on the above, consistently, by way of a written constitution that will uphold each individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with one law for all, regardless of ethnicity and gender. Finally, Libertarianz have not changed policies for the whole 12 years of their existence and will not change policy on the whim of the populace or the mood of the day.

Take back your life and give your vote to Libertarianz. A vote for Libertarianz is a vote for yourself.

Elah Zamora
Phone: 021 703 822
Email: [email protected]