Electile Dysfunction: ‘None of the Above’ Wins Mana By-election

22 November 2010 09:49:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath said Saturday’s debacle in Mana was an embarrassing kick in the guts for the two main political parties, with only 55% of people judging any candidate worthy of their vote.

He suggested that in any by-election where less than 50% of people vote, the seat should remain vacant until the next general election.

“Our candidate, Sean Fitzpatrick, took a pasting on Saturday, receiving 43 votes – despite a great effort on the campaign trail.”

“But the big losers in this by-election are the Labour and BlueLabour candidates. On election night they were well beaten into the minor placings by ‘None of The Above’, which garnered an impressive 45% of votes.”

“Kris Faafoi struggled to win the support of a quarter of eligible Mana voters. What sort of mandate is that?”

“The people have spoken. A near-majority of voters rejected the prospect of their electorate being represented by anyone in Parliament. Perhaps they have realised that most problems in the community can be solved without politicians meddling in people’s lives.”

“If voter turnout in future by-elections – as may shortly eventuate in Manurewa, Te Atatu or Botany – dips below 50%, then the electorate seat in question should be left vacant, with list MPs from the surrounding areas providing assistance to local constituents between them.”

“The people of Mana failed to rally behind any one of several available candidates. It is high time that voter rejection was recognised in Parliament with empty seats, with massive potential savings for the taxpayer.”

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