Elliot’s Commercial Credentials Caned

13 September 2004 10:25:17


As the battle for Hamilton mayor heats up and candidates square off against one another, Libertarianz party mayoral hopeful Tim Wikiriwhi fired a salvo at ‘top polling’ candidate and principal of Fraser High school Martin Elliott for what Wikiriwhi calls “delusional and misguided claims regarding Elliott’s boasted commercial acumen.”

Wikiriwhi says Elliott “is either dishonest or an economic ignoramus if he considers Fraser High ‘one of the biggest commercial sites in Hamilton’ as his personal profile describes it. This is complete nonsense,” says Wikiriwhi. ” Such an organ of State is no more a ‘commercial site’ than is a council office. It is not exposed to the free market; it enjoys a coercive monopoly; and its funds are delivered to it by force through taxation!”

Continuing, Wikiriwhi suggests that “for Martin to claim some degree of economic genius because parents are forced to fund his school through their PAYE is a nonsense. That he considers himself on a par with CEOs of real businesses that must seek voluntary custom – that work within the economic realities of competition and the laws of supply and demand – is a joke, as is he!”

Wikiriwhi concludes “This is the last sort of mayor Hamilton needs! One that thinks State monoplies funded by taxation are real businesses!”

“Vote Wikiriwhi!” he advises.


Tim Wikiriwhi
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