Emissions Trading Scheme – Criminally Absurd

27 July 2009 11:42:00

Speaking from Masterton, where overnight temperatures were expected to dip to three degrees below zero, Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath called on the government to cancel any plans for carbon taxes and emissions trading.

“Three prominent Australasian climate scientists published research last week showing that with the El Nino effect taken into account, CO2 emissions have a negligible influence on global temperature. Therefore, as Professor Bob Carter points out, emissions trading will exert no measurable effect on climate.”

“The Libertarianz Party calls on the government to abandon plans to penalise industrial output, as we are certain this would lead to a serious drop in living standards for New Zealanders, with unnecessary suffering and death.”

“The effect of human activity on climate change is a scientific question, which has been used as a political football. Libertarianz asserts that the most efficient way to adapt to any climate change – be it human or natural – is with freedom, reason and free market investment, not suicidally unachievable government controls and taxes.”

“It would be criminally absurd for the government to proceed any further with plans to set up any sort of emissions trading scheme.”

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