Emissions Trading Scheme Proves to be Trojan Horse

17 June 2008 23:35:00

“The Labour and Greens’ Emissions Trading Scheme has now been revealed as having zero environmental value. It is instead an ill-disguised tax and wealth redistribution scheme,” said Libertarianz spokesman Colin Cross.

“With the raft of exceptions to the proposed scheme,” Cross says, “Only the productive and the wealth creators of New Zealand will be hamstrung by this unnecessary cost.”

The government’s plan to exempt low income earners means those who can afford to emit carbon will continue to do so and those who cannot afford to will now be subsidised to emit carbon. “The madness of this scheme would not look out of place at the Ministry of Silly Walks.”

Libertarianz would immediately pull New Zealand out of the Kyoto Protocol and unshackle business and individuals from government interference. Libertarianz are confident that New Zealanders can make their own choices about how they respond to global warming hysteria.

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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