Euthanase The Medical Council, Say Libz

27 February 2008 17:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath today called for the Medical Council to be dissolved, in light of what he called its “total failure to investigate and supervise an incompetent, alcoholic, ex-jailbird gynaecologist.”

Dr McGrath, referring to Czech-trained surgeon Roman Hasil, blasted the Whanganui District Health Board and the Medical Council, but above all the Health Minister.

“David Cunliffe, the socialist who can count, is probably busy counting the days until he and his party are given the bum’s rush by the voters of New Zealand at the next general election,” McGrath added.

“If Cunliffe is ‘running the show’, as he claimed in Parliament last year, he needs to run the Medical Council and the Whanganui DHB – along with their Hawkes Bay counterparts – out of town.”

A Libertarianz government would open up the Medical Council’s administrative role to competition. Dr McGrath said mediators could easily settle disputes between consumers and health care providers, and bodies such as the NZ Medical Association – a voluntary grouping of doctors – could supervise other doctors who wished to join it.

“Libertarianz want to break the Medical Council and Health and Disability Commissioner monopolies, and privatize our failing public hospitals,” said Dr McGrath.

“The people who staff these statutory bodies are, in the main, dedicated and caring. But they rely on coercion and compulsion for their existence, which my party believes is not only unjustified but immoral.

“The government, in our view, should concern itself with protecting the individual rights of New Zealanders when these are threatened by fraud, breach of contract and other aggressive acts by one party against another. Health provision is a service industry best left to the private sector. There is no natural right to receive unlimited health care at someone else’s expense, and no onus on the state to provide this care.”

“Roman Hasil was let loose on the women of Wanganui after a woefully inadequate background check,” said Dr McGrath. “The days go by, yet bureaucratic heads are still attached to shoulders, and a certain Minister defies the gravitational forces that by now should have propelled him onto his sword.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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