Eviction notice should be taken seriously

12 September 2005 09:16:00


Labour is sending a fake eviction notice to all State House tenants saying “this is what National will do,” and National is rushing to say “no we won’t, this is a low-down trick.”

A plague on both their houses, says Libertarianz housing deregulation spokesman Keith Patterson.

“The only moral standpoint would be a libertarian one, where the government does not rob one person to give another cheap rent.”

“Libertarianz would sell all State Houses, return the money to hard-working Kiwis, and let the tenants move into the far superior private sector for housing. With the accommodation supplement removed—nothing more than a landlord’s subsidy—market rents will become affordable once again.”

“There is no sector of society where government can provide assistance for less than the private sector can, and housing is no exception,” says Patterson.

Labour is right: National should empty the State Houses, but National lacks the balls to agree.

The two major parties are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee in an endless argument where they are both wrong!

For further information please contact:

Keith Patterson
Phone: 09 535 9696
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